April 27, 2012
Aloooooha: Hometown Favorites for my Final Post

Since it is my last post for the Weekly Dish, I thought I would do the round up of some of my favorite recipes from home. I grew up in Hawaii, so it might be an odd mis and foods you haven’t tried, but I can promise you they are all delicious, or as it is said in Hawaiian… ono.

Spam Musubi: (Pictured Left) As bad of a reputation as spam has, fried up and with some rice and seaweed, you really can’t go wrong. This was the perfect snack or lunch, especially when we were little on field trips.

Loco Moco: Another classic dish, it may not be the healthiest, and you’ll definitely want a nap after, but for anyone that likes anything smothered in gravy… this is for you.

Kimchi fried rice: Who doesn’t love fried rice? At home it’s made with spam or portuguese sausage, and is really good with a fried egg on top. Add some kimchi for a Korean touch and you are good to go.

Kalua Pork: Normally it’s cooked in the ground, but this crock pot version will leave you wanting it more. Kalua pork is good with rice, in a quesadilla or mixed in to an omelette. A really versatile dish.

Portuguese Bean Soup: My school held a huge carnival every year and despite the 80 degree weather, I would still get the portuguese bean soup because it was that good. Bringing the warmth of Hawaii to you anywhere.

Lomi Lomi Salmon: A much fresher dish than some of the others. The raw flavors blend together and it is sort of like ceviche. 

Poi: Poi may be as traditional as it gets when it comes to Hawaiian food. People don’t always like the taste but adding some sugar to it will sweeten it up.

Chicken Katsu:  (Pictured above to the right) There are few things better than a plate lunch after a day at the beach. Katsu is normally my go-to.

Mac Salad: By default, plate lunches come with Mac Salad. Mix it with the rice and thekatsu and you have pretty much anything you’ll need for a meal. Once again, not the healthiest, but after a day outing the water, you probably deserve a splurge.

Kalbi: Korean short ribs may be some of my favorite red meat around. 

Hawaiian Beef Curry Stew:  Served with a scoop of rice, you really can’t go wrong on a hot or cold day.

Easy Haupia Cake:  (Pictured right) A new take on a  traditional Hawaiian dish. If you like coconut, this is definitely your dish. Plus, you always have to end on a sweet note… right?